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[Video Games] The reboot that got rebooted: The rise and fall of DmC: Devil May Cry

Let's cut through the pre-amble:
What is Devil May Cry?
Devil May Cry is an action series developed and published by Japanese company Capcom, beginning with Devil May Cry 1 in 2001 for the Playstation 2 (Here's an advert showing it as part of Sony's holiday lineup that included landmark gaming titles such as Final Fantasy X, Grand Theft Auto 3, Metal Gear Solid 2 and... Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance). The game series began as a prototype build for Resident Evil 4 that had more of an overt action focus than the acclaimed horror franchise was known for. Rather than scrap the build, Capcom saw potential in the idea of a stylish action game, and gave director Hideki Kamiya permission to make it a full title.
Kamiya would involuntarily leave the series after DMC 1 as Capcom didn't ask him to work on DMC 2. Instead, a still-to-this-day unknown phantom director was put in charge of the game and he ran it into the ground. With less than half a year before DMC 2's 2003 release, Capcom brought in a new director to course-correct and get the game out for release: Hideaki Itsuno. In less than six months, Itsuno would rally the team, basically make the entire game, and create several features that would go on to become series staples, and while DMC 2 sold well, it was critically panned for being a very boring game. Itsuno, not wanting his reputation to be sullied, came back in 2005 with Devil May Cry 3, generally considered one of the greatest action games of all time. From here several core traits are instilled: chief among which being style meters that track the player's skill with combos and Dante having a style system that lets him use different movesets.
And it's in 2008 with the release of Devil May Cry 4, marking the series going multiplatform for the first time as it came out on the PS3 and Xbox 360, that this story really begins:
The build up to 2010
With DMC 4's release in 2008, Capcom set the sales expectation that the game would sell 1.8 million units by the end of the fiscal year. DMC 4 would sell two million units in under a month, but Capcom were a bit unimpressed. They were hoping that now that DMC was on a wider range of platforms that the sales would correspondingly go up, but instead the game just saw a modest increase over DMC 3. The cost of game development had also shot up in the new console generation, making Capcom more concerned about DMC4's sales just being fine, especially coming off of huge sales juggarnauts from 2007 such as Halo 3, Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Bioshock. (It doesn't help that DMC 4 had a very rushed development leading to the now infamous case of Dante's playable chapters just being Nero's but backwards)
Japan at the time was also in a weird place when it came to gaming. The mobile phone gaming market was about to take off, and the playerbase in Japan was already smaller than the worldwide market for obvious reasons. In the home regions, it was safer to look into handheld gaming, and while Capcom had dallied with the idea of a DMC game on the Playstation Portable (at one point considering a remake of the first game that reached in-game screenshots and box art that was quietly shelved for unknown reasons, alongside a prequel focusing on Dante's father Sparda), these ideas never left the ground. Seeing how Western markets were more traditionally concerned with console gaming at this time (and the success of the God of War franchise proved Action was a genre people wanted), Capcom's idea was simple:
Give their IPs to Western studios and let them take a crack at it, with the idea being their knowledge of what the West wants would let the games sell better. The results were mixed. The Bionic Commando reboot is nowadays more known for the twist of YOUR WIFE IS THE ROBOT ARM and only sold 27,000 units in a month, but Dead Rising did fairly well under a Capcom Vancouver branch until Dead Rising 4 happened and uh... kinda killed the series because it was awful.
Capcom eventually set their sights on giving the West a crack at DMC, leading to them eyeballing several studios. This worked out well for them in that Itsuno was also burnt out. After having spent five straight years on DMC and having redeemed its image after DMC 2, Itsuno was ready to take a break and make his dream game: Dragon's Dogma, a dark fantasy game that is very fun. It got a Netflix anime adaptation recently that is... not as fun. But while Itsuno was making Dragon's Dogma, Capcom had some time to spitball handing the series off. They eventually settled on Ninja Theory, an up and coming British team best known for Heavenly Sword (a very pretty game with mediocre action combat and a priority on storytelling), and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (a modernisation of Journey to the West that was very pretty but priotizied story over gameplay). Rumors began to circulate in early 2010 that Ninja Theory had acquired the license and would be making a prequel focusing on Dante's early days, but it would only become clear at Tokyo Games Show that year when DmC: Devil May Cry* was formally announced.
And the fanbase collectively hated it.
(* Yes that does technically mean this reboot's name is Devil may Cry: Devil May Cry. I'm going to call it DmC from here to differentiate it from the core series)
The TGS Trailer
For those unaware of DMC, I should stress that by 2010, it had a reputation for a certain flair and theatics. Dante was known to be a goofball in cutscenes, taunting enemy demons and making a mockery of them. He has an entire cutscene in DMC 4 where he acts like he's on the stage of a theatre with how grandious he is. People liked Dante for this reason, he was a breath of fresh air in a time when most protagonists were stotic, gritty jerks who only talked in curse words and gravelly shouts. And his flowing white hair was also certainly iconic.
So here comes the new take on Dante, the West giving him a go and oh... hoo boy. There's no charisma, there's no panache. The trailer has no gameplay. Dante doesn't look like a trash talker, he looks like a meth addict. He's smoking, something the DMC 1 design documents said Dante would never do as (per Kamiya) smoking is uncool. His hair isn't even white!
Now let me be clear: I am not opposed to a new take on Dante. Certainly, the idea presented in the reveal trailer that Dante is imaging the demons he fights as an acute case of psychosis is an interesting idea, as it raises the question of whether or not the demons are real or if he's senselessly killing random people. But the execution would have had to be perfect, and opening with just a fancy trailer that had no signs of gameplay for an action franchise was not the right foot to start on.
What doesn't help was that the entire Western Capcom initiative was one pushed by a very controversial figure in gaming called Keiji Inafune, who would leave Capcom right after DmC's announcement in 2010. Inafune was the one most strongly advocating for the western development approach (Something Capcom were quick to stress in 2010 after his departure), but with his departure the movement had less steam. Inafune would go on to make Mighty Number 9, a Kickstarter that went miserably wrong on every turn and is usually seen as one of the most disappointing games of the 2010s.
I should also point out here: Dante's radically different design from the norm of the series was a mandate imposed by Capcom. Ninja Theory's original concept art for Dante was much more closer to his traditional design- white hair, red coat and all. But Capcom, and Itsuno especially, were adament that if Ninja Theory were going to be doing something new with the franchise, that they needed to go off the cuff- in Capcom's own words, "Go crazy."
The development
So Dante got a new color palette, a darker jacket and black hair. But at the time (this news only came out two years after the redesign was revealed), people didn't know about Capcom explicitly telling NT to go off the rails, and what they saw... was Ninja Theory going off the rails in the wrong way.
So from the word go, fans aren't happy. Fans are usually never happy but I mean they were unhappy. Chief Creative director for Ninja Theory Tameen Antionades said after the reveal: “The vitriol was immediate, aggressive and relentless for the next two years. Without a second of gameplay being shown, it had been written off as a disaster in the making.” Tameen would become the ball and chain around DmC's marketing, which is quite apparent in how Ninja Theory would dial back on his appearances as we get closer to the game's release. The backlash to the launch clearly surprised Ninja Theory and caught them off guard, with Tameen publically lashing out at the original fanbase for writing the game off or being unhappy at Dante's visual redesign. This would go on to dominiate the discussions about DmC for its pre-release cycle, as it became less about the game and more about the community and whether or not the response was justified (alongside in typical internet fashion, a few death threats being tossed around which apparently included a full metal song). No matter which side of it you lean on though, Tameen had habit of putting his foot in his mouth in regards to PR:
Capcom likely stepped in behind the scenes and encourged a few changes. Notably, Dante's design underwent a few shifts, including making him more muscular and rewriting portions of the game to give him a few more of Old!Dante's trademark quips. A few voice actor was also cast, named Tim Phillips... though NT wouldn't budge on the haircut as it was part of the story. The Dante psychosis/prisoner angle from the TGS trailer was also completely scrapped from the final product, having Dante instead be confirmed to be sane and fighting demons, not people. Even though Capcom had encouraged NT to go off the rails... money still reigns supreme and Capcom wanted to turn a profit. So closer to release, Capcom made a point of stressing that Itsuno and several other DMC veteran staff were supervising the combat system and offering guidance. Combat designer Rahni Tucker spoke positively of the exchanges she had with Itsuno:
While Capcom Japan kept a close eye on Ninja Theory’s work on DmC’s characters, story and world, its greatest focus was, naturally, on the game’s combat. Itsuno and other key personnel would visit the studio in Cambridge every few months to check in on its progress, Ninja Theory staff would often make the trip out to Japan, and in between those times there would be regular video conferences and daily email updates. All that communication helped to unify the two companies, despite a fundamental split between their approaches to game development: Ninja Theory liked to start with the visual design, and Capcom with the mechanics. Modestly, Itsuno admits he learned a lot from the collaboration; Tucker believes she picked up an awful lot more. “I learnt so much,” she says. “Itsuno would speak philosophically about how he approaches combat and enemy design. They build most of the player’s set of actions first, and then think about the things they can build to allow players to exploit particular elements of the system they’ve designed. They really put the emphasis of the baddie design back onto the player’s actions. It’s kind of obvious, but just the way that he spoke about it was inspiring, and it made a lot of sense to me.”
The damage however, was long done. Even with the post-TGS revisions, DmC was facing an uphill battle from the community, with a minority waiting to give it a try themselves before casting judgement, but the majority either being apathetic or downright hostile to the game, not helped by Tameen's attitude creating the idea that Ninja Theory inherently hated what made Devil May Cry good (again, keep in mind most players wouldn't learn that Capcom were pushing for the radical Dante changes until years post-release). Ultimately though, Capcom themselves are to blame for the choices that impacted DmC: Ninja Theory were only doing their jobs to the best of their abilities and for the most part many of the staff clearly loved getting to work on such a popular franchise and boosting their studio's name. It came down an unfortunate blend of Capcom misreading what people wanted from future projects, an attempt to appeal to a Western market that fell on its face, and a director unprepared for the mass backlash his product got.
Either way, the game finally came out in early 2013.
The game itself
Eh, it was OK.
DmC launched in March 2013 and got decent reviews on all platforms, getting a consistent 8/10 on all platforms on Metacritic. The PC port was especially praised for its sheer variety of features including an uncapped framerate. Critics quite liked it, praising the story and art direction, feeling it was a necessary step for the series to make the games somewhat easier to let newcomers in without facing as daunting a challenge as the games could be (I'm pretty sure learning how to fly a plane is easier than mastering Dante in Devil May Cry 4). Old Dante's most famous voice actor, Reuben Langdon, spoke on a podcast about the game and admitted that while he wasn't fond of the new Dante's characterisation, he applauded Ninja Theory's craftsmenship.
The fanbase were colder, even with the pre-release biases set aside (this wasn't helped by Platinum, helmed by several ex-DMC 1 developers including Kamiya, releasing Metal Gear Rising Revengeance also in 2013. Metal Gear Rising is a very good game that involves flipping giant robots and fighting a very actractive Brazillian man with a gun-sheath sword). The game's framerate on consoles was capped at 30FPS for technical reasons when all prior games ran at 60FPS. Dante had lost a lot of his mechanical complexity (including DMC 3 and 4's style system which offered Dante special abilities he could switch between such as more sword and gun combos, blocking and dodging) in favour of a more universal moveset. The Devil Trigger super mode was pretty lame and automatically knocked all enemies into the air, which people didn't like as it made most encounters too easy. Building up style was too easy and the game had no systems to stop you spamming the same combos over and over. The game's weapon system of angel/demon themed weapons included color-coded enemies that forced you to use the right gear or you'd be punished. There was no Turbo Mode, a feature in most games that automatically boosted the game's speed by 20% on average.
Ninja Theory still made a good action game, albeit one that needed a bit more refinement to reach its true potential. But the lack of several core features (or worse, poorly implemented iterations of said features) led to the fanbase adopting a term:
"It's a good game, but it's not a good Devil May Cry."
The fanbase were willing to concede to the good aspects of the game- especially in audiovisual aspects. Enemies now got a subtitle during their first appearance, weapons getting a slight glint when the player pauses to let them know they can launch a pause combo attack, the soundtrack was now dynamic and evolved up the higher your style rank got, alongside the killing blow at the end of a fight getting a cinematic camera angle. Ninja Theory's sense of style itself was something that impressed the Capcom team, as all of these aspects were modified and adopted into the mainline games come 2019. The game was also very beautiful in places, leaving the Gothic archetecture of the main games for a more European feel in Limbo City. Madrid in Spain and Genoa in Italy are clear influences on the archetecture, and the design team adapt them well in making Limbo a city that is itself a weapon trying to kill Dante through compressing alleyways, closing off paths or mocking him through writing on the walls, Splinter Cell Conviction style. Combichrist and Noisia's collaberations for the soundtrack were also praised between their licensed work and new music composed just for the game, especially the songs Never Surrender and Throat Full of Glass.
But for all the praise, reluctant or otherwise, that game got mechanically, the story that the critics had acclaimed as mature and a right step forward had few supporters among the playerbase. There's been a lot written and said about DmC's story so I'll cap off the highlights here:
The end was an OK game let down by a bad story. The tale of many a game. And unfortunately, partly thanks to the game just not being good enough for the DMC pedigree, DmC underperformed. Capcom initally hoped for 2 million units to be sold like DMC 4, but later quietly lowered their projections down to 1.2 million. Some rumors speculate that Capcom had to artifically boost the game's sale numbers by counting anyone who downloaded the game when it was for free as part of Playstation Plus in January 2014 (games that go on PS+ or Microsofft's Xbox Live Games with Gold service are usually games that are either selling so well they can take the hit, are past their lifespan and looking to reignite the playerbase, or did very badly and this is a last ditch effort to get interest into the game). While not speaking directly about DmC, Capcom spoke frankly in a financial report regarding their Western outsourcing, attributing the lack of success to a "delayed response to the expanding digital contents market," "insufficient coordination between the marketing and the game development divisions in overseas markets," and a "decline in quality due to excessive outsourcing". The long and the short of it was: DmC flopped commerically, failing to meet the sales of DMC 4 in the West (which remember was Capcom's entire reason for the reboot) when it was released on the exact same platforms, and the consoles had a larger install base due to five years having passed. For what it's worth, Itsuno himself support the game and approved of Ninja Theory's efforts, even saying he'd have been honored to work on a DmC Devil May Cry 2 had Capcom gone with that project.
Some post-launch support would follow, including DLC costumes based on concept art for Dante and several alt skins based on his DMC 1 and 3 appearances, Bloody Palace (basically a time trial gauntlet run) and a campaign focusing on Vergil that sets up a sequel hook which never gets followed up on.
Some Ninja Theory staffers didn't take the news well, especially as they knew that their reputation was going to take a large hit after DmC. Art director Alessandro Taini gave a GDC talk where he went on a weird rant involving editing DMC 4 Dante into stills from... Brokeback Mountain and Batman and Robin, while also saying reboot Dante was based on... Tyler Durden from Fight Club (for those who don't know Fight Club, you're not meant to agree with Tyler or find him a role model). Keep in mind that this is Taini basically shit-talking character designs he had no hand in making. In a hilaripus twist of irony, Dante would later in the series get a cowboy hat as a weapon. Revenge is a dish best served cold.
Capcom up to this point had been going back and forth on what DmC even was- was it a prequel, a reboot, an alternate universe? They seemed to change the answer every month. But after the game's failure to meet expectations commercially, they quietly settled on it being based on an alternate universe, as was confirmed in of all things, Donte appearing as a DLC alt skin for Dante in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.
(While I'm on the topic of weird fighting game trivia, Donte actually also got a full fighting game appearance in the "classic," Playstation All Stars Battle Royale as an attempt to market DmC ahead of its release. Yes, Donte technically didn't even debut in his own game. This story is so weird to me! In the trailer he even fights the protagonist of previous Ninja Theory game Heavenly Sword)
In 2015, Capcom re-released the game for the new consoles as DmC: Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition. This was largely helmed by the Capcom team in Japan who modified the game to make it more in line with DMC's series standards of gameplay. And you know what? It's really good! Genuinely, it actually makes the game and takes it from "A good attempt" to "one of the best Western attempts at action games period." 60FPS on consoles, all DLC included, Turbo Mode was back, a new mode called Must Style where you have to get an S Rank in combos before your attacks do damage, all alongside an insanely detailed changelog penned by Rahni Tucker. The one downside? It never got released on PC for unsaid reasons, presumably that most of the new gameplay additions... were based on mods made by the PC fanbase. Mods you can no longer find as the site storing them has gone down.
However even with this, DmC would get sand in its eye one more time. In the same year, Capcom released a similar re-release of DMC 4 called Special Edition. It was far more bare bones than DmC: DE, only adding three new playable characters in Lady, Trish and MOTIVATION Man himself, Vergil. Despite the game only getting a physical release in Japan and being digital only here in the West (whereas DmC: DE got a full release), Capcom eventually said that DMC 4 SE obliterated the DE in sales, with Capcom specifically saying that 4SE's digital sales led to a better quarter in 2015 than they were anticipating. As of 2020 (due to Capcom counting their re-releases of games separately than the original release when it comes to sales), we know that DMC4SE has sold 1.5 million units, while DmC: DE sold 1.1 million.
However, ultimately, I'm very joyful to admit that everyone got a happy ending! No, literally, everyone came out of this for the better. Ninja Theory in 2017 would release Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, a critical and commerical darling made on a self-styled "AA" budget that was praised for its handling of mental health through the lens of its MC Senua. It made its budget back easily, they're now owned by Microsoft and they're currently working on a sequel called Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2. Capcom would bounce back from their slump in the Early 2010s, beginning in 2017 with the releases of Resident Evil 7, Monster Hunter World and a certain title I'll mention in a minute. They've been releasing hit after hit for the last four years and they have more on the horizon. And Itsuno, now having made Dragon's Dogma, came back raring to go with more Devil May Cry. Though there are some rumors by Dante's voice actor that he had to threaten to leave Capcom to get it, at E3 2018 as part of the Microsoft panel, Itsuno took to the stage and announced:
(Watching people react to this trailer and freaking out when they see it's DMC gives me so much serotonin)
Thanks for reading this... long disaster of a post. Have a good one, and remember to keep this party crazy. Let's rock. :)
Additional reading if you'd like more words on this reboot:
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Construction skill not increasing

Hi, the construction skill of my pawns is not increasing even though they are building a lot of stuff (ie. walls, floors, furnitures, workbenches, etc.) the only way i found to increase their level is to use a neurotrainer but i can't get my hand on that many of it, so I would like to solve the issue, but i can't find the cause. it only do that when buiding something not when repairing structures

Edit: forgot to post my modlist
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  2. Startup impact
  3. Core
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  21. Blueprints
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  23. Dubs Mint Menus
  24. Dubs Mint Minimap
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  26. Relations Tab
  27. Research Tree
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  30. Rimworld Search Agency
  31. RPG Style Inventory
  32. The Birds and the Bees
  33. Trait Rarity Colors
  34. WeaponStats
  35. Work Tab
  36. Numbers
  37. Garam, Advanced Apparel
  38. Xeva FB Pack
  39. FemaleBB BodyType Support
  40. Prosthetic Combat Framework
  41. A RimWorld of Magic
  42. Jewelry
  43. Cybernetic Organism and Neural Network
  44. Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering
  45. Medical System Expansion - Revived
  46. A Dog Said... Animal Prosthetics
  47. Misc. Robots
  48. What the hack?!
  49. Giddy-up! Core
  50. Giddy-Up! Add-on: Animal Saddles
  51. Giddy-up! Battle Mounts
  52. Giddy-up! Caravan
  53. Giddy-up! Mechanoids
  54. Giddy-up! Ride and Roll
  55. Rimsenal - Core
  56. Polarisbloc - Core LAB
  57. Genetic Rim
  58. GeneticRim Alpha Animals Patch
  59. GeneticRim Megafauna Patch
  60. Questionable Ethics Enhanced
  61. Rimatomics
  62. RWBY World of Remnant
  63. SRTS Expanded
  64. Cyber Fauna 1.1
  65. Vanilla Furniture Expanded
  66. [Syulipia]SlimeMOD
  67. [Syulipia]OrientalDragonMOD
  68. Alpha Animals
  69. Biomes! Core
  70. Biomes! Islands
  71. Biomes! Islands: Extra Islands
  72. Alpha Biomes
  73. Dragon's Descent
  74. Frilleus
  75. [L] House Maid Nukos
  76. Huri
  77. kemomimihouse
  78. Hardworking KEMOMIMIHOUSE
  79. Kyulen - NinetailFox
  80. [1.1]Lost Forest
  81. Magical Menagerie
  82. Megafauna
  83. Mincho, The Mint Choco Slime
  84. More Monster Girls - 1.1 (CE + A Dog Said)
  85. More Monster Girls Enhanced Patch - 1.1
  86. Royal Thrumbos
  87. Sacred WhiteFox
  88. 妖怪村1.31
  89. Vanilla Animals Expanded — Arid Shrubland
  90. Vanilla Animals Expanded — Australia
  91. Vanilla Animals Expanded — Boreal Forest
  92. Vanilla Animals Expanded — Cats and Dogs
  93. Vanilla Animals Expanded — Desert
  94. Vanilla Animals Expanded — Extreme Desert
  95. Vanilla Animals Expanded — Ice Sheet
  96. Vanilla Animals Expanded — Tropical Rainforest
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  98. Vanilla Animals Expanded — Tundra
  99. FemaleBB BodyType for Alien Races
  100. Androids
  101. Arachne Race
  102. Astoriel
  103. Dragonian GaramRace
  104. Forsakens
  105. Half-Dragons
  106. Kijin Race 2.0
  107. Kurin, The Three Tailed Fox
  108. NewRatkinPlus
  109. Nyaron race
  110. Oni of the Rim
  111. Orassans
  112. Rabbie The Moonrabbit race
  113. Revia Race
  114. [Beta]Anime Hair 1.1
  115. AFU女士发型_Women's hairstyles
  116. AFU男士发型_Men's hairstyles
  117. Ameiro anime hairs
  118. Eccentric Extras - Angel Hairs
  119. Gloomy Hair mk2
  120. Gradient Hair
  121. GW-HornHair
  122. [SS]Lovely Hair Style
  123. My Cute Ear
  124. Ponytail is Kawaii (Continued)
  125. [Uru] Rim Seraph hair
  126. Roo's Royalty Hairstyles
  127. Rimcolle
  128. [Uru] Touhou Hair
  129. Vee Hairs
  130. [Uru] VOCALOID Hair
  131. Xeva's Rimhair
  132. Advanced Parka
  133. Contractors Arsenal
  134. Mechanoids Extraordinaire
  135. Advanced Shield Belts
  136. Dubs Rimkit
  138. Eccentric Tech - Foxy's Armory
  139. [FGO]Fate Grand Order - Styles Apparel Pack
  140. [GF]Girls' Frontline Styles - 404 Team
  141. [GF]Girls' Frontline Styles - AR Team
  142. [SS]Maid Project
  143. [TH]TouhouStyle - 红魔郷造型包
  144. Vanilla Armour Expanded
  145. Vanilla Weapons Expanded
  146. Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Laser
  147. [RWY]Advanced Mechanoid Warfare
  148. More Mechanoids
  149. [SZ]Super Mechneko - 超级机械猫娘
  150. Anti-Air Artillery 1.1 [Unofficial Update]
  151. BioReactor
  152. Death Rattle Unofficial
  153. Dubs Bad Hygiene
  154. Dubs Break Mod
  155. Animals Logic
  156. Appearance clothes
  157. Bad Can Be Good
  158. Beautiful Gloomy Fireplace
  159. [KV] Change Dresser - 1.1
  160. Children, school and learning
  161. [1.1] DE Surgeries Color
  162. Eccentric Tech - Cosmetic Modifications
  163. EdB Prepare Carefully
  164. ED-Embrasures
  165. ED-EnhancedOptions
  166. Electric Stonecutting Table
  167. Enhanced Battery
  168. Exotic Joy [1.0/1.1]
  169. Expanded Roofing
  170. Extended Storage
  171. Fluffy Breakdowns
  172. Foundations
  173. Gloomy Deco
  174. More Linkables
  175. GloomyFurniture
  176. Gloomy Extra - Kitchen
  177. Gloomy Vanilla Overhaul
  178. Hospitality
  179. MinifyEverything
  180. [KV] Path Avoid - 1.1
  181. [XND] Proper Shotguns
  182. Quarry 1.1
  183. [KV] RimFridge - 1.1
  184. RIMkea
  185. Roads of the Rim
  186. RT Fuse
  187. RT Power Switch
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  189. RunAndGun
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  198. [1.1] Witch's Garden
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  200. Zen Garden
  201. Deep Stack
  202. Apparel BodyType Resolver
  203. Appearance clothes - Garam Race Patch
  204. Appearance clothes - Humanoid Alien Races Patch
  205. [1.1] DE Surgeries - Alpha Animals patch
  206. [1.1] DE Surgeries - Astoriel patch
  207. [1.1] DE Surgeries - Dubs Bad Hygiene
  208. [1.1] DE Surgeries - Kijin patch
  209. [1.1] DE Surgeries - Kurin Race patch
  210. [1.1] DE Surgeries - NewRatkinPlus patch
  211. [1.1] DE Surgeries - Oni Race patch
  212. [1.1] DE Surgeries - Revia patch
  213. Extended Storage + A RimWorld of Magic - Storage Patch
  214. Jewelry for Kurin patch
  215. Kurin Easy Mod
  216. Kurin EPOE and another mod patch
  217. MSE - Prosthetic Combat - Revived
  218. Kurin Tail Weapons
  219. Kurin(Garam) Boots And Glove Fix
  220. Misc. Robots Extended
  221. MoreGloomyWalls
  222. おっぱい追加
  223. Oppai_addRace_patch
  224. Polarisbloc - Security Force
  225. Polarisbloc - Storyteller incidents pack
  226. Proper Shotguns Patch Pack
  227. [SYR] Prosthetic Table
  228. Rabbie The Moonrabbit - English Patch
  229. Rimsenal - Enhanced Vanilla Pack
  230. Rimsenal - Federation Faction Pack
  231. Rimsenal - Feral Faction Pack
  232. Rimsenal - Security pack
  233. SF Cute Minions for ARoM
  234. [KV] Show Hair With Hats or Hide All Hats - 1.1
  235. Simple sidearms
  236. Tier 2 Temperature
  237. Truly Inspired Taming
  238. [LB] Vanilla Armors Retexture
  239. Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Farming
  240. Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Medical Module
  241. Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Power
  242. Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Production
  243. Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Security
  244. Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Spacer Module
  245. Vanilla Textures Expanded
  246. Vanilla Weapons Retextured
  247. Tribal Headgear Retexturing
  248. H.C_AnimalReskins_Complete
  249. XFB Astoriel patch
  250. [Ling]Move Steam Geyser
  251. 4M Mehni's Misc Modifications
  252. [SPK] Additional Vanilla Crafting
  253. [Vee]Apparel Retextuer
  254. Archotech Brain
  255. Auto-Cut Blight
  256. AutoDrill
  257. Awoolf
  258. Balanced Eclipse and Solar Flare
  259. Beautiful Outdoors
  260. Better Ground Textures?
  261. Better Pawn Control
  262. Better Roads
  263. Better Workbench Management
  264. Bionic icons
  265. BoomMod
  266. Camera+
  267. Chill Out, Body Purist [1.0, 1.1]
  268. Combat Training
  269. Common Sense
  270. [KV] Configurable Maps - 1.1
  271. Cremate Auto Strip
  272. Damage Indicators [1.1]
  273. Death Acidifier Removal
  274. Deconstruct First
  275. Deep Ore Identifier
  276. [1.1] Deep Scanner Patch
  277. Do Something for Idle
  278. Double Population
  279. Enemy Self Preservation
  280. Enhanced Combat Sounds
  281. [KV] Faction Control - 1.1
  282. Faster Smoothing
  283. Fences And No Floors
  284. Fertile Planet
  285. Realistic Rooms
  286. [FSF] Filth Vanishes With Rain And Time
  287. Go Explore!
  288. Grazing Lands
  289. [SYR] Harvest Yield
  290. Hats Display Selection
  291. High Tech Laboratory Facilities (Continued)
  292. Improved Quality Scaling
  293. Incident Person Stat
  294. Infinite Turrets
  295. Infused
  296. Inspiration
  297. Interaction Bubbles
  298. ItemListSelector
  299. JukeBox
  300. Just Ignore Me Passing
  301. Less Arbitrary Surgery (Continued)
  302. Let's Trade!
  303. Level Up!
  304. LinkableDoors (unofficial)
  305. Locks
  306. Master of Cooking
  307. Master of Crafting
  308. Material Filter
  309. [XND] Memorable Auroras
  310. Mining Priority
  311. More Autosave Slots
  312. More Components
  313. More Crashed Ship Parts
  314. More Planning
  315. More Practical Traits
  316. More Sculpture
  317. More Steel
  318. More Trade Ships
  319. More Trade Ships - Double Population
  320. [KV] More Trait Slots - 1.1
  321. [T] MoreFloors
  322. MultipleTraders
  323. Music on the Rim
  324. NamesGalore
  325. Nano Repair Tech
  326. NightVision
  327. NoArmorPointCap
  328. Nurse Job
  329. Pawn Education (Continued)
  330. Pick Up And Haul
  331. Power Alerts
  332. Prepare Landing
  333. Prison Labor
  334. [XND] Profitable Weapons
  335. Quality Cooldown
  336. QualityBuilder
  337. QualitySurgeon
  338. Reasonable Components
  339. Recipe icons
  340. Replace Stuff
  341. SF More Steel from Slag
  342. SF Orbital Trader Transponder
  343. Share The Load
  344. Shear Those Corpses Vanilla
  345. SimplyMoreFloors
  346. Skilled Stonecutting
  347. Smart Medicine
  348. Sometimes Raids Go Wrong
  349. Stabilize
  350. [SYR] Stone Rebalance
  351. Subsurface Conduit
  352. Supreme Melee
  353. Surgical Body Shaping (SBS)
  354. Synergistic Traits
  355. Tech Advancing
  356. Terraform Rimworld
  357. The Price Is Right
  358. [1.1] TicksPerSecond
  359. Tilled Soil
  360. [XND] Tiny Tweaks
  361. Trade Ships Drop Spot
  362. [KV] Trading Spot - 1.1
  363. [XND] Turret Extensions
  364. [XND] TE Turret Expansion
  365. Ugh You Got Me
  366. Un-Limited
  367. Use Your Gun!
  368. Veinminer R1.1
  369. [XND] Visible Pants
  370. Zoological Orbital Traders
  371. Craftable Plasteel
  372. Farmable Neutroamine
  373. CrustyTextiles (Continued)
  374. More Vanilla Turrets 1.1
  375. More Vanilla Turrets - Turret Extensions Patch (continued)
  376. GloomyEmbrasure
  377. Invisible Meditation Spot
  378. [FSF] Meditation Freedom
  379. Misc. Craftable Robots
  380. Nuclear Work Robot
  381. Royalty Textures Expanded
  382. [TH]TouhouCharacters - Ablities Expansions
  383. WorthwhileMechanoidsPatch
  384. FemaleBB BodyType for Human
  385. Vanilla Textures Expanded - Genetic Rim
  386. Eccentric Tech - Cosmetic Modifications ANDROID PATCH
  387. Plasteel Surgery (Continued)
submitted by Poltrique to RimWorld [link] [comments]

After the End Fan Fork Dev Diary 37: Culture group changes, a new horde, Catholicism changes, and more! (PART TWO)

After the End Fan Fork Dev Diary 37: Culture group changes, a new horde, Catholicism changes, and more! (PART TWO)
Good tidings, all!
This is part 2 of a multi-part dev diary. Part 1 can be found here:
I'm going to be writing part 2 of this development diary. Thank you for writing part one, u/vivyshe! I apologize in advance for the lack of screenshots - I have been exceedingly busy recently, and getting screenshots of everything takes a surprisingly long amount of time. I'd also like to apologize for not being able to implement the Mayan changes that were teased in the last dev diary - those took a little longer to implement than we expected.
Now, let's get into the remaining changes:
Colonizer Changes
We've made some pretty big changes to the two West Coast colonizers in terms of religion, culture, and the general way the event works. Most of this is courtesy of Gsonderling, particularly the changes to cultures and mechanics. Let's get into it!
First of all, the mechanics used for both colonizers have been completely changed, with the goal of making them more resilient. First of all, both colonizers are given more tech points once they invade. This is both to better demonstrate their technological superiority to the locals, as well as to give them an overall buff once they successfully land. Second of all, the event troops that the colonizers spawn with are reinforcing, allowing them to regenerate over time. In order to compensate for this, the size of the colonizer forces have been reduced somewhat. Additionally, the makeup of these forces varies depending on who is invading (Japanese forces get more Knights/Samurai, for instance.)
If the colonizer's troop numbers fall below a certain threshold while fighting a defensive war, they will call upon reinforcements from home. It will take at least three months for these forces to arrive, so once they send the call, you better finish them off during that time. If you do manage to defeat the colonizers, they take much longer to return. Finally, the colonizers have been weighted to prioritize estuaries, natural harbors, and existing trade centers during their initial invasion.
That about does it for the changes to both colonizers. In terms of changes made to individual colonizers:
The Sibir culture group has been split in two - Vlodivostockiy, representing more urbanized Russians, and Petropavlovskiy, representing more rural Russians. The Vlodivostockiy will be the main force leading the invasion, but a few Petropavlovskiy courtiers have tagged along as well. The group as a whole has also been renamed to Novorusskiy, to preserve the old name.
The Shinto religion has had religious branch traits added, based on this excellent suggestion post. They are as follows:
  • Koshitsu: Adds +5 vassal opinion
  • Ryobu: Adds +1 Learning
  • Minzoku: Adds +0.5 monthly character prestige
  • Shugendo: Adds +0.5 monthly character piety
That about does it for the changes to the colonizers. Thank you again, GSonderling!
Religion Heads
Religion heads have been added to numerous religions, mostly in the Muslim group (but not exclusively!) Here is a full list:
  • The Revivalist Caliphate (Revivalist, Traditionalist heresy)
  • The Alawiyya Imamate (Alawiyya, Imamite heresy)
  • The Supreme Priesthood of Allah (Misrist, Orientalist heresy)
  • The Xidaotang (Qingzhen, Imamite heresy)
All of these are Caliphate-style titles (can be held by a secular ruler), and are formed either through event or if you simply accumulate enough piety and prestige as a ruler of these heresies.
Now, for the last religion, I actually have a screenshot and a more detailed explanation. Here it is:
The new Falling Star religious head.
Falling Star now uses autocephaly - in theory, any Falling Star kingdom can appoint its own religious head using the Court Chaplain council title. However, at the start, all Falling Star rulers answer to the Unity Province, who is under the direct control of the Kingdom of Moskitia. Hopefully this will make all of the religions listed above more interesting to play!
The Revivalist Uprising
Remember how I mentioned before that certain religious heads can be formed by event? This is that event. A Muslim ruler living on the Atlantic coast can get reports of a shipwreck in their realm...
A curious event.
What happens next? I don't want to completely spoil the event chain, but the survivor does arrive at your court...
Very curious...
What happens next is up to you. I hope you look forward to finding out what happens!
Mexican Warrior Lodge
This next feature was coded almost exclusively by TechKing465. I would like to thank him for all of his hard work - this was a particularly difficult feature to add.
Society screen for the Luchadores. Thanks to Deds for the art!
Mexican rulers now have access to a special warrior lodge. Although this society is best suited for followers of El Santo, membership is not exclusively reserved for them. This society gets numerous special events, decisions, and traits that aren't used by other warrior lodges, so this will be a new experience even if you're already familiar with warrior lodges (whether from vanilla or AtE). I hope you look forward to playing as them!
Changes to Hinduism
We have made some highly extensive changes to Hinduism based on the suggestion post referenced earlier in this dev diary. First, god names have been altered:
New deity names.
Secondly, the vanilla religious branch traits have been replaced with AtE-specific ones. They are as follows:
  • Sanatanist - +5 vassal opinion. These rulers have full access to the patron deity mechanic.
  • Kalist - +20% fertility and +1 health. These rulers can only select Kali as their patron deity.
  • Arya Samaj - +0.5 monthly prestige and karma, as well as +1 learning. Followers of Arya Samaj are monotheists, and are thus unable to select any patron deities.
Hopefully these changes better reflect the unique and divergent nature of Caribbean Hinduism.
Map Changes
These changes to the map come courtesy of Lahom and BoneLorde. As you may expect, they are mostly in Canada. Here are a few of the most obvious ones.
An additional county has been added to Newfoundland.
The county structure of southern Nova Scotia has been overhauled.
A new county in Sinaloa.
A new county in Colombia.
In addition, a truly epic amount of work has been done on CoAs in Canada, as well as name lists for the Gallomerican cultures. These come courtesy of Lahom and frederico83. Thanks, guys!
Also, a major change has been made to the layout of the northern Great Plains region. Based on suggestions from Lahom, the ruler Maskwa Ironside, ruler of the Cree, has been moved further west to the new duchy of Chinook. Saskatchewan proper is now a Prairielander horde. (This horde is currently Neognostic, but consider that a placeholder - I intend to change it before v0.6 releases.)
New de facto setup in the northern Great Plains.
New culture setup in the northern Great Plains.
That about does it for this dev diary. I hope you're all looking forward to v0.6!
EDIT: I forgot to mention that we've determined the winner of this subreddit's writing contest. Congrats to u/Softboyanarchist and their story, Shadow over Boston!
submitted by Red-Heat to AfterTheEndFanFork [link] [comments]

Running With 600+ Mods

So Hello my fellow colonists (and hats), ive been playing rimworld for 1000+ hours and im terrible at modding and would love a little help. Ive been using fluffy s mod manger to sort out any conflicts and i managed to sort most of the conflicts out, but im still suffering from lag and frame rate issues. In the early every thing seems fine but around my 5th colonist things start to slow. So im currently trying to find the source of the problem. My goal is to not only play with minimum lag but also create the biggest mod list that works smoothly together and is the most diverse. So im asking for your help, if there are any links or any tips please let me know and thank you all. Here is my Mod list if your interested and i run a gtx 1060 36gb ram and i5 6600 if your interested
  • ModCheck
  • MOD-E
  • Core
  • SRTS Expanded
  • Startup impact
  • RIMMSAssemble
  • HugsLib
  • JecsTools
  • FrameRateControl
  • RuntimeGC
  • Verb Expansion Framework
  • Better ModMismatch Window
  • [1.0] Android tiers
  • [1.0] Android Resurrection Kit
  • Android Tiers Unfeeling Patch
  • Android Tiers++ Extension
  • High Tech Laboratory Facilities (Continued)
  • Death Rattle
  • Death Rattle - Comatose
  • Life Support
  • Colony Manager
  • MendAndRecycle
  • [SYR] Harvest Yield Patch
  • More Components
  • More Steel
  • Rimatomics
  • Planetary Drill
  • Pick Up And Haul
  • Misc. Training
  • Un-Limited
  • Questionable Ethics Enhanced
  • Do Something for Idle
  • Psychology
  • Humanoid Alien Races 2.0
  • Jewelry
  • Cybernetic Organism and Neural Network
  • Cybernetic Warfare
  • Camera+
  • [RF] Editable Backstories and Names [1.0]
  • [1.0] RimCuisine 2 Core
  • [1.0] RimCuisine 2: Smokes and Shrooms Expansion
  • [1.0] RimCuisine 2: Bottling and Booze Expansion
  • [1.0] RimCuisine 2: NERFED Drugs and Drinks
  • Vanilla Factions Expanded - Core
  • Vanilla Apparel Expanded
  • Vanilla Armour Expanded
  • Vanilla Weapons Expanded
  • Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Quickdraw
  • Vanilla Furniture Expanded
  • Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Production
  • Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Security
  • Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Medical Module
  • Vanilla Animals Expanded — Cats and Dogs
  • Vanilla Animals Expanded — Ice Sheet
  • Vanilla Animals Expanded — Tundra
  • Vanilla Animals Expanded — Arid Shrubland
  • Vanilla Animals Expanded — Boreal Forest
  • Vanilla Animals Expanded — Tropical Swamp
  • Vanilla Animals Expanded — Extreme Desert
  • Vanilla Animals Expanded — Tropical Rainforest
  • Vanilla Animals Expanded — Livestock
  • Vanilla Animals Expanded — Desert
  • Vanilla Hair Expanded
  • Vanilla Factions Expanded - Medieval
  • Vanilla Fishing Expanded
  • Nature is Beautiful v2.5 [1.0]
  • Faction Blender
  • Advanced Mortar
  • Vanilla Fences (Fence Tab)
  • [KV] Change Research Speed - 1.0
  • [FSF] Encounter Map Resources
  • Bulk Stonecutting
  • Fixable Mood Debuffs Alert
  • Deity difficulty
  • Dynamic Diplomacy
  • CelsiusAndFahrenheit
  • Ceiling Light [1.0]
  • Animals Logic
  • Animal Tab
  • [SYR] Doormats
  • [1.0] Dire Raids
  • EdB Prepare Carefully
  • Pharmacist
  • Melee Hunting 1.0
  • Thick Armor
  • Skilled Stonecutting
  • ShowModDesignators
  • Share The Load
  • Safely Hidden Away
  • A RimWorld of Magic
  • Rah's Bionics and Surgery Expansion
  • RBSE Back to Basics
  • Mercer's Backpacks (B19)
  • Graphics Setter
  • Harvest Organs Post Mortem
  • Guards For Me
  • [KV] Configurable Maps - 1.0
  • Architect Icons
  • Search and Destroy
  • Pawnmorpher
  • Giddy-up! Core
  • Giddy-up! Battle Mounts
  • Giddy-up! Caravan
  • Giddy-up! Ride and Roll
  • Giddy-Up! Add-on: Animal Saddles
  • Select Turret Target
  • Balanced Eclipse and Solar Flare
  • Avoid Friendly Fire
  • Blighted Alert
  • Color Coded Mood Bar
  • Craftsmanship
  • Cultured Meat
  • Deep Ore Identifier
  • Dubs Mint Menus
  • ED-Embrasures
  • ED-Laser Drill
  • Fluffy Breakdowns
  • Follow Me
  • Heat Map
  • Hospitality
  • While You're Up [1.0]
  • Wealthy Traders 1.0
  • Roof Support 1.0
  • Quarry 1.0
  • More Slaves [1.0]
  • Less Arbitrary Surgery
  • Cut plants before building
  • [XND] Memorable Auroras
  • [SYR] Set Up Camp
  • [KV] Trading Spot - 1.0
  • [KV] RimFridge - 1.0
  • Incident Person Stat
  • Tables+
  • Wall Light
  • The Price Is Right
  • Tech Advancing
  • Squad UI Tweaks
  • Smaller Rooms
  • Simply More Bridges
  • Simple Bulk Drugs
  • Selling prisoners with no guilt
  • SF [v1.0] Rain Removes All Filth
  • SF [v1.0] Priority Treatment
  • Rimefeller
  • RimHUD
  • ResearchPal
  • RT Fuse
  • Fuse Plus
  • Prisoner Harvesting
  • PrisonerRansom
  • Prisoner Capture and Manipulation
  • Plant Growth Sync
  • Pawn Rules
  • OgreStack
  • [KV] More Trait Slots - 1.0
  • Medical Tab
  • Mad Skills
  • MT - Silent Doors
  • LongRangePodLauncher
  • Labels on Floor
  • Blueprints
  • Just Ignore Me Passing
  • SF Grim Reality
  • SF Materials Rebalanced
  • Ugh You Got Me
  • Invisible Conduit
  • Mortar Accuracy
  • DontBlockDoorMod[1.0]
  • Brrr and Phew
  • Better Vanilla Masking
  • Recipe icons
  • [RF] Realistic Planets [1.0]
  • Bionic icons
  • Everybody Gets One
  • [WD] Partially-Passable Wind Turbines 1.0
  • Simple Bulk Cooking
  • Cyber Fauna 1.0
  • Megafauna
  • Dinosauria
  • Use Your Gun/li>!<
  • [XND] Turret Extensions
  • Simple Turrets
  • Simple Turrets - TE Patch
  • Raise The Roof 1.0
  • Raise The Roof Cheaply
  • Auto-Mortars
  • More Harvest Designators/li>!<
  • Grazing Lands
  • Dubs Break Mod
  • Impassable Chest-deep Water
  • Mod Manager
  • Smart Speed
  • Locks
  • Higher Power
  • Greyer morals mod.
  • Map Reroll
  • [CP] Prisoner Outfit (1.0)
  • BetterVents
  • Faster Smoothing
  • Adaptive Cassie Storyteller
  • Fertile Planet
  • NoJobAuthors
  • NurseJob
  • Power++
  • Raids For Me
  • Roads of the Rim
  • Rimworld Farming
  • [SYR] Scar Removal
  • [WD] Simple Concrete 1.0
  • Smart Medicine
  • Tier 2 Temperature
  • [XND] AutoOwl
  • Coal
  • Coal Expanded
  • Vanilla Iron and Steel
  • [O21] Anti-Infestation Thumper
  • Power Indicators
  • Reasonable Components V1
  • Trait Rarity Colors
  • 420Reality
  • 420Reality Graphics Reverter
  • Beer is Alright
  • [1.0] Bad Traits Improvement
  • [PS] Barber Pod
  • Better Workbench Management
  • Deconstruct Return Fix
  • Go Explore/li>!<
  • Large Outpost
  • Plasteel Surgery
  • Rejuvenate surgery
  • Veinminer R1.0
  • Mechanical Defense 2 - base
  • Mechanical Defense 2 - mechanical walls
  • Mechanical Walls Recipe Patch
  • Supreme Melee
  • Wall Sun Lamp
  • Craft Glitterworld Meds
  • Mud
  • Underground Soil
  • Restraints
  • [FSF] Growable Grass
  • QualitySurgeon
  • Musical Instruments
  • Brain In a Jar
  • Brain In a Jar Patch
  • High quality textures
  • Drug Response
  • [XND] Profitable Weapons
  • Show Draftees Weapon
  • 4M Mehni's Misc Modifications
  • Auto-Cut Blight
  • Damage Indicators
  • [RF] Rumor Has It.... [1.0]
  • Snap Out/li>!<
  • Safe Pause
  • Banish Animals
  • Run and Hide
  • TVForPrison
  • Defensive Positions
  • [v1.0]-LinkableDoors
  • Medicine Expanded - Paracetamol
  • Ammunition
  • PawnTargetFix
  • What the hack?/li>!<
  • TicksPerSecond
  • [KV] Impassable Map Maker - 1.0
  • Change map edge limit
  • Sometimes Raids Go Wrong
  • Remove Death Amnesia
  • TD Enhancement Pack
  • Dub's Paint Shop
  • Paracetamol Drug Response
  • Be Gone, Nature Retreat/li>!<
  • Lasting Flowers
  • Carry Capacity Fix
  • Realistic Eclipse
  • Fallout Races: The Robots Pack
  • Save Our Ship 2
  • Save Our Ship 2 - Rimatomics Compatibility Patch
  • Save Our Ship 2 - What The Hack Compatibility Patch
  • Heated Floors
  • Achtung/li>!<
  • [WD] Reinforced Doors 1.0
  • Balanced Animals
  • 99 Percent
  • RIMMSLoadUp
  • Archotech Expanded
  • Miscellaneous 'CORE'
  • Children, school and learning
  • [KV] Show Hair With Hats or Hide All Hats - 1.0
  • Doors Expanded
  • 1- UN-Colony [1.0]
  • 2- UN-Furniture [1.0]
  • Religions of Rimworld
  • Sparkling Worlds - Core Mod [1.0] - Reduced features
  • Evolved Organs
  • Common Ailments
  • Zen Garden
  • Rim of Madness - Bones
  • Expanded Woodworking
  • VGP Vegetable Garden
  • Genetic Rim
  • Glitter Tech
  • Dubs Bad Hygiene
  • MinifyEverything
  • [RF] Rational Romance [1.0]
  • A Dog Said... Animal Prosthetics
  • The Birds and the Bees
  • Colony Leadership
  • RimQuest
  • Commercial Server
  • VGP Xtra Trees and Flowers
  • Advanced Biomes
  • Realistic Darkness 1.0
  • Real Ruins
  • Misc. Endgame
  • RimOverhaul
  • Beautiful Water
  • Fantastic Flora
  • Door Curtains
  • Centralized Climate Control
  • Advanced Cooling
  • Quantum Cooling
  • Temperature Gauge
  • [1.0] DE Surgeries Hard
  • Androids
  • Forsakens
  • Crystalloid (Rewrite)
  • Ferian Race
  • Mass Muffect Races 1.0
  • Xenohumans - Gen-spliced Xenos on the Rim
  • Zabrak Race
  • Yabils: Space Gremlins
  • Xenn Race
  • The Drow Race
  • Star Wars Races
  • RimEffect - Asari of the Rims
  • Orassans Lite
  • [SYR] Naga
  • Ferrex Race 1.0
  • Lizardmen
  • Callistans(1.0)
  • Call of Cthulhu - Elder Things
  • Arachne Race
  • Astoriel
  • [1.0] Avian Races only One Faction
  • [RF] Etched Stone Walls [1.0]
  • Various Space Ship Chunk
  • Misc. Bees'n'Honey
  • VGP Garden Fabrics
  • VGP Garden Tools
  • VGP More Veggies
  • [1.0] Atlas' Materials
  • [XND] Genetically Engineered Plants
  • VGP Garden Canning
  • AI Uplifting Assistant [1.0]
  • Electric Stonecutting Table
  • Omni Core Drill
  • Furnace
  • AnimalCollabProj
  • Mines
  • Industrial Rollers
  • Smokeleaf Industry
  • Unroof the Hay! [1.0]
  • Area Rugs for 1.0
  • Electric Butcher Table
  • High Density Hydroponics
  • Shield Generators by Frontier Developments
  • Camping Stuff
  • Fences And Floors
  • [RF] Advanced Bridges [1.0]
  • More Vanilla Turrets - Turret Extensions Patch
  • Realistic Rooms
  • [WD] Expanded Artillery
  • Simple Ivory
  • Mechanoid Power
  • Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering
  • EPOE Replacement Expansion
  • Fire Warden
  • Fire Door
  • Highway Restoration 1.0
  • [CP] Red Horse Furniture - No Blackhat and VR (1.0)
  • Cryogenics Cube
  • RIMkea
  • [sd] goodnight
  • [T] MoreBedsCloth
  • GloomyFurniture
  • Gloomy Extra - Kitchen
  • Soft Beds
  • Mechanoid Blaster
  • More Linkables
  • More Shelves
  • [T] MoreFloors
  • Door Mat R1.0
  • Stuffed Floors
  • Storage Solutions
  • Beam me up Scotty
  • [1.0] Tank Beds (Fast Sleep)
  • [KV] Change Dresser - 1.0
  • Large Animal Beds
  • Floor Lights - 1.0
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Glass+Lights
  • Dubs Skylights
  • Turn It On and Off v1.3 [1.0]
  • PowerSwitch
  • SS Bigger Batteries
  • SS Battery Fuse
  • RT Solar Flare Shield
  • SS Lightning Rod
  • ElectricFence
  • Dirt Paths
  • Grenades Expanded
  • Mine Tech
  • [sd] advanced powergeneration
  • BioReactor
  • Invisible Conduits 1.0
  • Social Supplements
  • Mechanite Forge Reborn
  • Sparkling Worlds Addon - Mech Serum Crafting [1.0] - Standalone Addon
  • DermalRegenerator 1.0
  • Medical Supplements
  • VGP Garden Medicine
  • Fast regen 1.0
  • [sd] medicaddons
  • Standing Cryptopods
  • VGP Soylent Production
  • VGP Garden Gourmet
  • VGP Garden Drinks
  • VGP_CoffeeTeaDrugs
  • FishIndustry
  • Meat Blend 1.0
  • Veggie Blend 1.0
  • [WD] Fast Moisture Pumps 1.0
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Beach
  • Additional Joy Objects Lite
  • RimWriter - Books, Scrolls, Tablets, and Libraries
  • Statue of Animal
  • Statue of Colonist
  • More Sculpture
  • Rimworld: Spartan Foundry
  • Advanced Parka Mod [ENG/GER]
  • [Ods] Star Ship Troopers Powersuits!
  • Apparello 2
  • Call of Cthulhu - Straitjackets
  • FashionRIMsta
  • [CP] Detailed Body Textures II (1.0)
  • Gradient Hair
  • [SS]Lovely Hair Style
  • Rimsenal - Rimhair
  • [Ods] Mens Hair
  • [Ods] Womens Hair
  • Sparkling Worlds Addon - Mind Altering Device [1.0] - Standalone Addon
  • People Can Change
  • Planetside Politics
  • Taming Inspiration
  • Advanced Transport Pods
  • Cargo Pod Transport[1.0]
  • Therapy
  • RunAndGun
  • Meals On Wheels
  • Room Food
  • Mining Priority
  • Where is my weapon?
  • [KV] Path Avoid - 1.0
  • Stockpile Ranking
  • Opened Doors Don't Block Light
  • Stackable Chunks [1.0]
  • Simple Slavery[1.0]
  • Prison Labor 0.9 (Outdated)
  • 1.0 - Imprisonment On The Go! (Make Pawns Prisoners Without Beds)
  • Misc. Robots
  • Misc. Robots++
  • Herd Migration Revival
  • Let's Have a Cat/li>!<
  • Alpha Animals
  • Call of Cthulhu - Cosmic Horrors
  • Kill For Me
  • Hunt for Me
  • [WD] Barbed Wire 1.0
  • [1.0] Razor Wire (With Damage)
  • Plant Growing Wall Light
  • [XND] TE Turret Expansion
  • Tactical Charged Gear
  • Simple sidearms
  • Rimsenal - Security pack
  • Dual Wield
  • Mass Graves
  • MT - Everyone Hauls
  • [SYR] Bullet Casings
  • Mercer's Backpacks + Nano Suit (B19)
  • Hardcore Armors
  • Better Survival Meals
  • Remote Tech
  • Transmution
  • Cloth Sandbags
  • Rim of Madness - Arachnophobia
  • Apex: Rimworld Legends
  • Melee Weapons Extended
  • [1.0] Tranquilizer guns
  • Valkyrie Corp. Gun Printing
  • Rimlaser
  • Rimsenal
  • Rimsenal - Enhanced Vanilla Pack
  • Rim Contractors Arsenal
  • Halo UNSC Weapon Pack
  • Weapon Tech
  • Let's Trade! [1.0]
  • [KV] Adjustable Trade Ships - 1.0
  • Caravan Gear v1.6 [1.0]
  • Use Bedrolls
  • Early Industrial Societies
  • Regenerator Nanohive
  • [FSF] Improved Vanometric Power Cells
  • RimTaser Reloaded
  • Backup Generators
  • Prayer Spots
  • Pulsefire Turret
  • Charged weapons for pirates
  • Faction Discovery
  • More Faction Interaction
  • Rimsenal - Federation
  • Rimsenal - Feral
  • Sparkling Worlds Addon - Blue Moon Corp [1.0] - Standalone Addon
  • [RF] Tribal Raiders [1.0]
  • Domian Conflict Pack
  • Anomlian Order Faction
  • Mechanoids Extraordinaire
  • More Mechanoids
  • More Crashed Ship Parts
  • Combat Readiness Check
  • Misc. Incidents
  • CustomDeathRandomness
  • Sparkling Worlds Addon - More Events [1.0] - Standalone Addon
  • Science Never Stops
  • Rimsenal - Storyteller pack
  • Variable Population
  • CaravanOptions
  • Raiderpedes
  • Dustproof boots[1.0]
  • [FSF] Rain Washes Away Filth
  • Absolutely No Roof
  • Let's Have a Cat! - A Dog Said Patch
  • VGP Bulk Garden Drinks
  • Expanded Woodworking for Vegetable Garden Project
  • Locks (DoorsExpanded)
  • Giddy-up! Mechanoids
  • GeneticRim Megafauna Patch
  • Rimsenal Security - Turret Extensions Patch
  • GeneticRim Alpha Animals Patch
  • Alien Children Compatibility
  • The Birds and the Bees - ADS Patch
  • Baby and Children
  • BnC Alien Support
  • RimSaves
  • Better Pawn Control
  • PriorityClean Mod
  • Shoo/li>!<
  • Work Tab
  • QualityBuilder
  • Job Splitter
  • Dismiss Trader
  • Replace Stuff
  • Numbers
  • [VtC] Synthetic Leather Complete
  • Wall Light - Extended Colors
  • Level Up/li>!<
  • Dress Patients
  • [SYR] Light Radius
  • Simple Stockpile Presets
  • Interaction Bubbles
  • RaiderInfo
  • [1.0] RPG Style Inventory
  • Relations Tab
  • Quest Tab
  • Allow Tool
  • Conduit Deconstruct
  • Blueprint Totals Tooltip
  • [1.0] ExtendedInspectData
  • Killfeed
  • [KV] Consolidated Traits - 1.0
  • InventoryTab
  • Circle And Oval
  • Selectable Sculpture Graphic
  • Draggable Corners
  • RimStory
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  • [SYR] Terrain
  • fast regen - Linkable Patches
  • Technology Blueprints
  • Transport Downed Pawns
  • Spartan Foundry Warcraft
  • AnimalCollabProj Patch Pack
  • Animal Variety Coats
  • Simple Sidearms Fire Extinguisher Fix
  • RimCities
  • Large Prison Camp
  • Graphic Chair Overhaul
  • Patch for [T] MoreFloors + Vanilla Animals Expanded - Livestock
  • GeneticRim Cosmic Horrors Patch
  • Mass Muffect Races EPOE patch 1.0
  • Crystalloid (Rewrite) temporary fix
  • RimEVE (Music Pack)
  • Colonist Bar KF 1.0
  • Rimworld Search Agency
  • Infused
  • [SYR] Individuality
  • VGP Garden Resources
  • Smoked meat
  • RimBees
  • Psychic Awakening
  • GeneticRim Dinosauria Patch
  • RimBees - Genetic Rim Patch
  • RimOverhaul - DarkNET
  • Armor Core
  • Alpha Biomes
  • Storm's Living Biomes
  • Save Our Ship 2 - Dub's Bad Hygiene Compatibility Patch
  • RimSide Recycling
  • submitted by nothing132 to RimWorld [link] [comments]

    Going in Blind - Fenrir and Leviathan (same 5-man team and gear)

    Going in Blind - Fenrir and Leviathan (same 5-man team and gear)

    Welcome to another edition of Going in Blind. For those of you not familiar with this series:
    I'll be doing all my esper and trial battles without any outside information. That means no reading of the wiki or trial megathreads on this sub. I'll be relying on what little information is provided in-game, my knowledge of previous battles (especially for esper and scorn fights), general FF lore, and knowledge of Alim's/Gumi's trial gimmicks. The goal is to figure out all the fight mechanics not just simply clearing the fight.
    Due to being pretty active on this sub, I'll accidentally pick up bits and pieces of information. Whenever that happens, I'll document it so it'll be obvious what I figured out and what I learned from outside sources. I might occasionally confirm some of my deductions in the daily help thread but I'll keep that to a minimum. If you see me asking a question there, please don't spoil anything for me.
    The purpose of this is two-fold: I get to enjoy the challenge and I get to help others learn how develop their own strategies. This is NOT a clear guide so I will not go into the nitty gritty details of rotations and builds. I will however call out the key skills.
    Also, I am putting a few extra requirements on myself. I cannot simply overpower the boss. I need to develop a strategy that allows me to survive indefinitely. Unless there is a damage race element to the fight I will always whittle down the boss. I'll also require myself to try using at least one unit I haven't used before (I won't necessarily clear the trial with that unit though). Lastly, all unit builds will be done manually. No unit builds from FFBEequip! (using it to search for gear is allowed, just no automated builds).
    Note: I started this before I did the Omega fight. I switched over due to the 1/2 energy trial event.
    This time I'm taking on both Fenrir and Leviathan. As usual I'm also adding a few extra requirements:
    Leviathan is presumably the harder of the two so I'll do Fenrir first. That means if I have to redo a fight because I switched up units or gear, it won't be for the Leviathan fight. Ya gotta strategize even your strategy for strategy making.

    Preparing for the Fenrir Fight

    I really wish I didn't just steamroll my way through his first two battles. I know nothing about this fight.
    I can make some guesses based on his esper skills/traits:
    The usual annoyances from Alim/Gumi:
    I put those in order of what I feel is the likelihood of dealing with that mechanic.
    That's not much to go on really so I'll just build a generic team and run with it.
    Tank: Magic tank is usually the better AE cover tank in the current state of the game so I'll go with that. Looks like I finally get to try out Beryl (only 6 star). I'll load up on ice, water, light, and dark resists so I'll be in good shape for both fights. 110% resists for all elements except dark (130%). I'll adjust later if imperils come into play.
    Healer: Ayaka, LM Fina, and Rem are out because I use them regularly. That leaves me with... Yuna and Eiko as rainbow healers. Both are 6 star. I guess I'll start with Yuna as she has reraise in case I need it. Big drawback is a lack of dispelga and MP heals. I'll toss bushido - freedom on a support unit to handle dispels or make adjustments so I can ignore things I'd normally dispel (boost equipment resists, stat break resist buff, etc). I'm building Yuna for pure healing as i'm stuck with curaga.
    Support: I probably need an MP battery I'm going with Ace (7 star) as he can also supply a strong imperil to lightning for the Leviathan fight. I'm putting cradle of horns and Ignis' TMR on him for extra utility. I'll most likely be switching between his own MP heal and the one on ignis depending on what seems to make sense at the moment.
    Provoke Tank: Either I bring an attacker and have to deal with physical damage with mitigation abilities or I bring a provoke tank and have to whittle Fenrir down. I'll go with that latter as I need to learn the battle mechanics anyway. I'm running with Marquis de Leon with 100% evade, status immunity, and a little extra innate provoke in case I need it.
    Breaker: 2B (7 star) gets to come out to play. Funny story about getting 2B. I was pulling for Eve so I could use up some raid moogles (and hoping for a dupe A2). Ended up with 2B x2 and 9S x7 before I got one Eve (and no A2). Next day I got Eve on a daily pull. 2B will need to handle solo damage too. NOTE: 2B was selected for this fight before I tried using her in the Omega trial. I grandfathered her into the "never used before" requirement.
    Now that I built up the team, I'm starting to regret the extra restrictions...

    Fenrir Fight #1

    Turn 1

    MdL provoked, Beryl covered, Ace used MP recovery from Ignis' TMR (to get the extra MP 3 turn refresh), Yuna DC reraise on MdL and herself, 2B used her break.
    Fenrir used several abilities that I could not tell what they did but Beryl's cover activated so at least one of them was a magic attack. There were a ton of ST physical attacks but I don't know if any were skills or normal attacks. Something gave him a physical and magic damage mitigation buff. MdL has breaks on all 4 stats but no one else does so that must be a ST debuff attack.
    Here are the skill names I caught: Moon of the Beast - Maybe his damage mitigation buff based on the name? Frightened Prey - Probably the stat debuff based on the name? Either that or pointed fang but this name feels right. Could also be the magic skill that triggered Beryl's cover. Pointed Fang - Maybe the ST physical attack? Maybe the debuff attack.

    Turn 2

    Yuna used reraise on Beryl and dispel on Fenrir. Oops, I got rid of my breaks... Worse yet, the damage mitigation buffs didn't go away. 2B used True Charge Spear which did about 3% damage. This is going to be a looong fight. MdL used Sword Fight (4-8 random attacks) to generate LB and esper orbs. It didn't do much... Beryl autoattacked and Ace used his Mp recovery skill
    Fenrir used 3 skills - none of which hurt me, debuffed me, or buffed himself.

    Turn 3

    2B used True Charge Volt, Beryl and MdL used auto attack, Yuna used prayer to the Eidolons, Ace Mp recovered. Fenrir's life went down to 86%.
    Beryl got hurt (lost about 4500 HP), everyone is debuffed for all 4 stats.
    I got distracted and didn't see all the attacks. The ones I saw were: - Dark Breath - Definitely AE magic attack. Presumably dark element. - Cold Breath - Still think it is AE ice magic. Makes a lot of sense with Dark Breath being a similar attack. - Super Roar - Probably the attack that got Beryl. Maybe the debuff also? If it is the debuff, then the attack should be AE. Beryl is 110+% resist for all elements for this must be elemental.

    Turns 4-6

    Refresh tank skills, Yuna used reraise and curaga on Beryl (dear God, I forgot how weak curaga is...), 2B used true volt charge, and Ace used MP recovery (Ignis one). 2B got him down to 73%.
    Well crap. I was worried about Beryl dying and instead MdL did. Yuna took a Pointed Fang and Beryl got hit with an ST physical attack and barely survived. Pretty sure it was Hell Fang that killed MdL as I've never seen that one before. I'm guessing that was a threshold attack since I crossed 80%. I'm 100% certain I'll be wiped out the next turn so I might as well just attack and see what he does.
    I used Ace and Beryl's LB and 2B used true volt charge again and knocked Fenrir down to 43%. Then I got a phone call just as I finished my turn so I have no idea what happened. It's like some higher being is tormenting me with random events that makes this harder than it should be just for your enjoyment. Beryl died and reraised, Ace died, 2B took damage, and Fenrir buffed all 4 stats.
    Ace and 2B attacked again and I finally wiped out. I did see Frightened Prey again but as I died I have no idea what it did.

    Fight 1 Lessons Learned

    Overall, this fight doesn't seem too bad.
    Here are the skills I think I have figured out:

    Fenrir Fight 2

    The entire goal of this fight is to figure out WTH killed MdL and confirm some of the abilities so no changes to the team or basic strategy for now. I'm going to just turtle for a bit and confirm turns when certain attacks happen. I'll wait until turn 6 to verify whatever killed MdL wasn't a turn based attack then I'll cross 80% to confirm it really is a threshold attack.
    I'll just keep track of the skills I see (soooo much easier to do after I know a few of the names):

    Fight 2 Lessons Learned

    This was a great round! I was able to catch every skill that was used and I'm pretty sure of the order they were used.
    I need to have reraise on Beryl for all turns divisible by 3. The amount of damage he takes makes healing with Yuna a real pain in the ass as she needs multiple turns to heal him. I'll probably have Ace use Cradle of Horns on Super Roar turns to increase likelihood of survival.
    Obviously I need to switch up gear for MdL to handle the instant death. Looks like it is only possible for me to get 100% evade, status immunity (at least for the 4 baddies), death immunity if I either get MdL's TMR (sleep, confuse, petrify resist from his trust passive) or get LM Fina's hat. I've been slow farming LM Fina's hat simply by using her (not TMR farming) and I'm up to 16.4% only. I guess I should use my emergency moogle supply that I keep for just this purpose (I keep 204% in moogles at all times. 100% for a rainbow that needs their TMR and 104% in the form of 50%, 25%, 10% x 2, 5%, 1% x 4 which let's me instantly hit 100% for any partially farmed unit with minimal waste). In this case I'll just TMR farm the last 0.6%. Guess that puts this fight on hold a bit longer. And to rub salt in that wound, I got an Amazing fusion from those moogles...

    Fenrir Fight 3

    Well it's been at least a month since I last worked on this (busy during the holidays then I did Omega during 1/2 energy for trials) and I can't remember what I was planning on doing next. I guess I'll have to reread my notes and try to figure out what I was thinking...
    Hmmm... apparently I was using 6 star Yuna... I pulled a dupe a few days and upgraded her to 7 star so I guess I'm using a much better healer now (innate DC, curaja, and dispelga).
    The goal this time is to confirm Hell Fang really is instant death and patterns for all the other skills. If that works out well, I'll slowly push thresholds to try to figure out what they are and what new skills or patterns I need to deal with.
    Looks like I forget to use Libra previously. I confirmed weak (50%) to fire and light, beast race, 90M HP.
    Well I wiped out on turn 6 this time. I managed to forget to put Golem on MdL so I had no provoke tank and I didn't gear the team to be able to tank the physical damage. On the bright side I am 100% sure that Hell Fang is an instant death attack so I know to gear for that. Also, I just turtled the entire fight so I could verify that Hell Fang is scripted for turn 4 and is not a threshold attack.
    I don't think MdL is a viable tank for this fight anymore unless I completely change my strategy. I hate pulling out more 7 star units but I do have a Wilhelm that has been gathering dust since I got him (I prefer M Ramza if that wasn't already obvious)...
    Now Wilhelm is geared like a man and laughs at the concept of evade. It only took me about an hour of playing with different gear until I landed on what I think is optimal gear for him. At least that's what I would be saying if I didn't just double check MdL's moves and realized he does in fact have a 100% provoke that I completely forgot about (used it in the previous fights). Yeah, keep laughing. I deserve it. Wilhelm will continue to ride the pine.

    Fenrir Fight 4

    This battle I did while lying in bed so I didn't take close notes.
    I spent the first 18 rounds just turtling. Looks like Moon of the Beast and Frightened Prey are on 6n turns, not 5n-4. It took me by surprise that I saw it again on turn 12 instead of 11. Seeing it on turn 18 confirmed it for me. I guess the usage on turn 1 is scripted rather than on a counter. Other than that, everything was exactly as I expected.
    Starting with round 19 I started attacking. Around 45% health he started using Fangs of Chaos every turn. It didn't do anything as far as I can tell but it was resisted by MdL. Around 40% health I started seeing Snap on random turns and occasionally more than once I think. I saw random damage throughout the fight too (even before I started attacking) so I may have screwed up my evade build. So I can't rule out whether or not Snap goes through evade.
    Around 25% I noticed that I was getting off cycle Super Roars so there must be another threshold change to the pattern. I think I got hit with is twice which lead to a wipe.
    Every turn where I was actually attacking I just hit repeat (tanks, used tank skills, Yuna healed, Ace did MP heal, 2B attacked with Speed (didn't even switch to Extract Speed and easily got him down to 11% before I died. Needless to say, barring stupidity on my part (can never rule that out) Fenrir will probably go down very fast.

    Preparing for Leviathan

    I only have a couple guesses based on lore and previous fights:
    Well fuck a duck with a puck. Stop. Why didn't I think about that before I chose a team for Fenrir? Way back when I had to retry his 2 star form because I didn't bring any stop resist to that fight.
    Okay, let's look at the list of units with stop resist:
    I don't have these units:
    I've used these units before so they are off limits per my stupid rules:
    That leaves:
    I could also use the buff from Lakshmi but that requires spending 100 lapis to respec her (I have Ayaka, Chow, and Zargabaath for stop resist so it didn't seem necessary to spec for stop resist).
    You know what? I'm going to just assume Leviathan doesn't have stop this time. I'm sure I'm just throwing away 30 energy but that's better than my 3 options (4 if you include pulling for Folka). The best unit to replace from my team is Ace and I do want that imperil so here's to hoping Alim didn't give Leviathan stop. They didn't give 3 star Odin instant death and that's kinds of his thing. Why do I get the feeling you're all snickering as you read this?

    Leviathan Fight 1

    Turn 1

    Yay! No preemptive!
    Libra confirms weak to thunder and aquan race. Holy moly that's a lot of HP (120M). This is going to be a long fight with only one attacker... All stats can be broken so that's good unless I struggle to keep the ATK/MAG breaks up.
    Leviathan used:
    Tip for people that want to try doing these blind: You can tap the menu button between attacks to ensure you can take notes as the attacks happen. This is much easier than memorizing everything in one go then type it out after. It also makes it slightly easier to see what each attack did. You'll notice I didn't struggle with skill names in this fight compared to Fenrir.

    Turn 2

    Yuna dispelled and surprisingly the damage mitigation buff went away. (yes, I know I dispelled by breaks. I'm risking death for science!) She also healed up the team. Ace imperiled and 2B's True Charge Blade only did about 3% damage. Dear God this is going to be a long fight. Tanks defended.
    Leviathan used:
    And I'm pretty much dead now. Between dispelling and Mow Down being used twice 2B is down to 1 HP and Yuna and Ace are taking dirt naps. Without the breaks and the damage mitigation buff up, 2B does less than 1% damage.

    Turn 3

    Just defending to see what happens

    Turn 4

    Still alive somehow. 2B used LB (<1% damage) and the tanks used their tank skills.
    Only MdL is standing now. Looks like there is a 2 turn pattern to the attacks. I predict I'll die next turn to blizzaja and the attacks will match turns 1 and 3.

    Turn 5

    He attacked exactly as I expected. MdL survived with 1 HP. Looks like he'll die to waterja instead.

    Turn 6

    Yup, exactly as expected.

    Leviathan Fight 1 Lessons Learned

    Mow down looks to be the big problem for the first part of the fight. As long as I have 2B's break on Leviathan I should be able to survive one hit, but not a second on the even turns. I'll need to regear Yuna and Ace for that. Yuna was originally geared for healing because I started this with her at 6 star so lots of room for improvement there. Ace is getting as much DEF and HP I can scrounge up. Alternatively, I could gear the team for elemental resists and bring along a physical cover tank instead. If I do that, I'll probably wipe out to Fenrir's Super Roar (AE nonelemental magic attack). I'll only go that route if I can't figure out a way to survive with my current plan.

    Leviathan Fights 2 and 3

    In fight 2 I had no problem surviving but after a dozen or so turns I couldn't get Leviathan under 99% health. I played around with dispeling his damage mitigation buff but I would barely survive even while using cradle of thorns (which I had equipped for the Fenrir fight). As I was about to die, I randomly used MdL's LB (I just hit auto) and that triggered a different skill for Leviathan: "The whirlpool is frozen" or something like that.
    Fight 3 I switched around some gear and now have pod 153 on Ace so he can put up the physical damage mitigation. By carefully ensuring that I only dispelled on a turn when Beryl could use his ATK/MAG break I was able to easily get Leviathan under 80%. (I tried relying on MdL's break but Ace would die those turns). He used what appears to be a threshold attack Tsunami which is an AE water magic attack based on Beryl covering and taking no damage (technically I could be any element but the name and Leviathan's water theme makes it all but certain that it is water).
    That's when I discovered that he added a new attack: Sealing Foam. It's an AE stop that lasts more than one turn and either I'm incredibly unlucky or it has a 100% chance of landing. Leviathan used it again on the next turn so either it is always the turn after the threshold then some pattern afterwards or it's every damn turn. Until I confirm otherwise, I should assume it's every turn. So now I have the headache of having to fit stop protection on top of an already extremely tight rotation.
    He also used "Surround with water" as part of his threshold attack. I have no idea what that did. Maybe a stronger damage mitigation skill?

    Leviathan fights 2 & 3 lessons learned

    Right now I need to ensure that I have provoke, magic cover, and phys mitigation up once every three turns. Once I cross 80% I need to add stop protection to the mix.
    Yuna needs to heal pretty much every turn and the tanks are the only units that can do their tank skills so I need Ace and 2B to handle the phys damage mitigation and stop protection. Ace is also responsible for MP heals to some extent. Beryl helps with Ignis' TMR but he's busy breaking ATK/MAG almost every turn. This would be pretty easy for me to handle if I could bring a 6th unit to the fight but I said I wouldn't so I won't.
    I pretty much need to respec Lakshmi for stop resist or switch Beryl to a different magic tank. I'm relying on Beryl for breaks too so that isn't really an option. I guess I need to respec Lakshmi... Oh well, at least I got a 100 lapis spin from an ad yesterday. I might as well pick up charm resist too even though I have units that have that buff. Never know when I end up handicapping myself like this again... Oh well, it's not like I ever use Lakshmi unless I need to summon her for a mission.
    I probably should figure out that frozen whirlpool skill. Whirlpool is what gives him the damage mitigation so maybe there's a mechanic to get rid of it? Kind of like how 2 star Phoenix would keep healing until hit with fire enough times. Looks like MdL's LB is ice based and the skill mentioned that the whirlpool is frozen so I guess I should try pummeling him with ice attacks too.
    With Lakshmi in the mix, needing Tetra for MdL for that last 5% of evade, and needing Phoenix, Alexander, and Ramuh for esper missions, that means I can't put Odin on 2B anymore. Looks like she's going to take a small hit to her damage output. This fight is probably going to take over 100 turns as is so I'm not pleased by that one bit. 2B will be doing shit damage on 3n-2 turns anyway (not dispelling on those turns) so she gets Lakshmi for stop duty.
    Of course now I need to completely change my gear. Tetra needs to be on MdL to hit 100% evade and Lakshmi on 2B so that means I need to put Ramuh, Alexander, or Pheonix on Beryl. Note that they all debuff one of the elements he needs to resist for either the Fenrir (ice and dark) or Leviathan fight (water and ice). In order to ensure he has enough build to survive, I'm getting rid of Ignis' TMR and using Jake's Pirate Ring instead. That means Ace will need to MP heal instead of imperil lightning once in a while so damage output will suffer.
    I'll be using this rotation:
    3n-2 turns:
    3n-1 turns:
    3n turns:
    On thresholds:

    Leviathan Fight 4

    Well the good news is that ice attacks eventually triggered a new reaction from Leviathan. On turn 6 (4th ice attack from MdL) he used "Whirlpool shattered" followed by Murk. Murk wiped out the entire team except Beryl so it was probably an elemental attack (water presumably) that isn't a magic attack (physical, hybrid, or fixed). Also, MdL appears to have been snorted. The following turn Leviathan did not use the mitigation skill so I guess ice attacks seals that but you pay for it big time. I guess I'll just have to deal with it as I can't afford to have a unit snorted.

    Leviathan Fight 5

    Learned a few things. For some stupid reason I thought pod 153 mitigation was 3 turns. It's only 2... Switching to Cowered Courage instead... I hope the extra 30% DEF keeps Ace a bit safer. He's always at risk of dying on even turns. I guess I'll drop some HP and DEF pots on him and level him up a bit (I died a little inside doing that). He was also the unit running out of MP the quickest so dropping MP pots on him and switching out a Resentment with Love (30% HP vs 30% HP/MP).
    Tsunami/murk imbues water on my units. It also debuffs water which lead to Beryl dying... I was worried it'd be impossible to gear him correctly but remembered that MS Nichol's TMR gives water and ice resists (50%). I'd be replacing Rainbow Robe which wasn't helping with dark resists anyway so I should be safe now as long as 140% water resist is high enough. I think 3 star esper imperils have been in the 30-40% range in the past so I should be okay.
    I still need to solve the water imbue problem. He doesn't actually attack on the turn that he imbues and debuffs me so I could just dispel myself the other option is to wait it out. I think I'll do the latter on the next run so I can see if tsunami/murk becomes part of the rotation or if it is just a threshold attack.

    Leviathan Fight 6

    Looks like at 60% he adds a new attack: Bubble Bomb. It's a ST magic attack that is non-elemental and also debuffs all stats. MdL was targeted by it so he got the debuffs but Beryl covers it then struggles to survive. I kept coming very close to dying (<1000 HP) every even turn.
    40% is another threshold just like 80%. Beryl finally died to the Bubble Bomb + Mow Down x2 combo and I promptly wiped out the next turn. I'm going to have to figure out how to make Beryl tankier.
    Also at some point he started using both blizzaja and waterja every turn. Not quite sure when that happened exactly but it was before 40%. Probably 60% but I'll need to check carefully next time.
    The pattern for this fight is pretty straightforward. My problem is entirely the restrictions I placed on myself.

    Leviathan Fights 6-12?

    The first two of these fights was figuring out the best gearing compromises and optimal rotations. All of the other losses were from screwing up my rotations...
    After removing Angel Earrings on Beryl and replacing with Jake's Pirate Ring, Beryl is tanky enough to survive the Bubble Bomb + Mow Down x2 turns but bad RNG results in wiping out (low cover mitigation on Beryl plus high roll on attack when I only have -50% ATK/MAG debuffs on Leviathan).
    I was able to confirm that the Leviathan starts using both spells every turn under 50% HP.
    I finally settled on this rotation for the win (which took 4+ attempts to execute properly):
    Defense turns (starts with 3n-2 turns but I shifted the rotation to 3n turns to make it easier to recognize those turns. Died once because I didn't buff on the right turns). All of these buffs are on a 3 turn rotation which works out nicely.
    Attack turns (order important):
    Immediately after a threshold, Yuna can summon Ramuh as I take no damage on those turns. Everyone avoids attacking as I did not dispel the water imbue and just waited 3 turns for it to go away.
    A break of 50% ATK/MAG or higher is needed every turn that dispel is used. MdL has a CD move that can be used in emergencies if 2B doesn't have a break up (CD, unlocked YoRHa skill, LB). Usually I would just not dispel and attack on that turn to keep the previous turn's break. 2B is never without a break for more than one turn after turn 4.
    Kill turn:

    Fenrir Fight #5

    With Leviathan done it was time to go back to Fenrir with all the tweaks I made to my team for Leviathan. Beryl only had 90% dark resist but with 2B's breaks that was more than enough. I never had to heal once in the fight. I just steamrolled him with this rotation:

    Closing thoughts

    The hardest part by far was the limitations I put on myself (never before used units, no friend units, exact same team and gear for both fights). For the Leviathan fight the gearing requirements were incredibly tight and there was zero room for error when it came to making use appropriate defenses were up. I have to admit I was very tempted to give up midway through the fight and if I didn't get a dupe Yuna I may had done so. With my team and strategy Curaja was absolutely needed.

    Next up

    I was going to try to do a budget clear for both of these fights but looking at the Folka story event bonus stage, I will need to do that blind as it includes a couple bosses I haven't done yet (both from Scorn of Marching Beasts). I could just brute force my way through but I'd rather have to do 2 fights to get up to Europa than the 2897402 or so in Scorn of the Marching Beasts. At up to 90 energy per attempt, this is going to be rough ride. Due to the time constraint I won't have any "fun" limitations on my unit selection. Time permitting I will try a budget clear too.
    After that I think I'll tackle a few of the 10-man missions. Those tend to be easier to clear but the fight mechanics tend to be a lot harder.
    Event Trial Esper (3 star) Fallen Scorn of... Arms (10-man)
    The Great Count Odin Great Explosion Festival part 1 Antenolla Tegmine
    NEXT: Folka Extra Stage Phoenix Great Explosion Festival part 2 2-Headed Dragon Vindemiatrix
    . Fenrir & Leviathan Ancient Hellbringer Beasts Brachium
    . . Venomous Vines of Death . Shaula
    . . The Mad Doll . Nunki
    . . . . Dabih
    submitted by testmonkeyalpha to FFBraveExvius [link] [comments]

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